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How to keep your home clutter-free

If you feel like you are drowning in household clutter with limited storage space, don’t let it build up, before you know it you could be featuring on one of those hoarding programmes and unable to find the front door. Follow these simple tips for a clutter-free home and enjoy the extra space you never knew you had.

Start Small

If you have a mammoth task ahead of you and want to de-clutter multiple rooms, start small. Don’t attempt the garage or the kid’s bedroom first. Start with one drawer or cabinet and then work your way up. Clearing one small space first will give you the feeling of accomplishment and spur you on to do more. If you start with a bigger space, the mess would take a long time to clear which would make you feel like you weren’t getting anywhere.

Make a mess

It’s inevitable that you will have to make a mess before you can get rid of it. Empty drawers and pull everything out before you start organising and then only put things back that you want to keep. You might feel like you are creating a bigger job but if you do this, you can get a better view of what you need to keep and what needs chucking out.

Give everything a home

If everything has a place, you have no excuse for clutter. Put everything back in its rightful place when you have finished using it and make sure everyone else in your house does the same.

Be ruthless

When chucking things out, be ruthless. Start by getting four empty boxes, one to keep, throw, donate and maybe. This will help you organise and store what things you really want to hold on to. The maybe box should be stored somewhere out of the way for around 6 months and then when you go back to it, anything that you haven’t used or needed should be thrown away or donated. When sorting through each item, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do I use this or have I used it in the last year?
  • Do I need this?
  • Do I love this?
  • Is it meaningful?

When you are keeping things for sentimental reasons, ask yourself if it is actually that item holding the memories? If you have a collection of items that hold the same memories, just keep one and donate the rest. Alternatively, take a picture of it instead.

De-clutter toys before birthdays

If your child has a birthday coming up or it’s nearly Christmas, sort and de-clutter their toys before they receive a whole lot more. Doing this before will clear some extra space for any new gifts they receive. Start by deciding what toys they still play with and what they wouldn’t notice if it disappeared. Anything they no longer use can be donated to a charity shop or if you have a lot to get rid of, do a car boot sale and earn yourself some extra cash.

Go paperless

Bank statements and bills can cause unnecessary clutter in your home. Instead of receiving monthly statements in the post, go paperless and only print the bills that you need. If you do have any paperwork around the house, collate it into folders and store it away. When you receive mail, open and sort through it straight away, remembering to shred any unwanted paperwork.

Storage solutions

One simple solution to de-cluttering is maximising the space you do have and creating ample storage for your belongings. You may be surprised at how these storage solutions could really help.

Tall shelving

If you don’t have much space, consider working up with tall shelving and units. Make the most of your wall space to store your possessions.

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Glass front cabinets

Storing things in a glass front cabinet will force you to keep things looking organised as they will constantly be on display.

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Hidden storage

There are many places around the home that can be used as hidden storage such as an under stair cupboard or a bed with storage space.

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Not only do ottomans provide you with a simple storage space, but they also offer extra seating should you have guests over.

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As well as storing your garden tools, a shed is great place for storing household items that you want to keep but no longer use.

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Keeping clutter free

  • De-clutter the small things that are left out just before you go to bed, then when you wake up you won’t have any clutter from the day before left to sort out.
  • Keep things in the room they are used. This will make it easier and more likely that it will be put away after use.
  • De-clutter on a regular basis.
  • If you like to keep keepsakes such as your child’s first tooth or first curl, store them all in one place rather than scattered in various places.
  • If you have a big collection of clothing, sort through your wardrobe regularly and if you haven’t worn something for six months (except seasonal wear) throw it!

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