Top 5 Most Romantic Gestures for Valentines

Don’t want to be single by the 15th? Wanting to be unconventional or completely cliché? Or are you a singleton and happy waiting for all this nonsense to blow over? Look no further than our top romantic gestures, where you’ll find something for everyone this Valentines. And if you’re looking for even more exclusive offers, check out our Valentines promotion here. So, consider the following fun and unique ways to show her that you care.


Valentines pizza



Tesco Cashback  As wise Bart Simpson once said, ‘You don’t win friends with salad’, so why not treat your potential ‘more-than-a-friend’ to the true food of love (In our opinion), PIZZA! Get the Tesco’s finest range from £3.85 with up to 10% cashback for a little luxury. Plus get extra Valentines pulling power if you add this cheesy note to the dinner table and we’re sure you’ll be onto a winner!*


*GetPaidTo will not be held responsible for the outcome of this gesture, on the plus side, if she rejects you, you still have pizza!

50 Shades Movie Poster





Ann Summers Cashback  Looking for something to spice up your love life this Valentines? Or do you just have a curious nature? With 50 shades of grey coming out next week, now’s the perfect time to hint about your intentions… and if you want to surprise your partner, why not try Mr Grey’s tie, perfect for a romantic night in for only £8 with 10% cashback at Ann Summers with GetPaidTo.

Hotel Chocolat Cashback  Why not treat your special someone to a goody bag of treats from Hotel Chocolat and receive up to 9% cashback. This luxurious gift contains delicious treats for your Valentine, including white chocolate and passion fruit truffles; a pack of caramel sweethearts; two 50g milk chocolate Mellow Heart slabs; Champagne truffles and more. You’re sure to melt her heart without having to empty your wallet.

Heathcote & Ivory Cashback   At Heathcote & Ivory you can earn a whopping 20% cashback as part of our Valentine’s promotion, and what better to spend it on than a gift for your sweetheart. How about some soothing Secret Paradise Bathing Flowers, for only £10 with free delivery if you spend over £30, allow your lover to submerge themselves in the fragrance of a secret paradise. Housing a bouquet of scents such as Lily of the Valley, Violet, Sandalwood, Citrus, essential oils and more. Relax and float to a faraway place.

Secret Sales Cashback  From flirty vintage inspired looks to burlesque corsets, you’re guaranteed to steal the show in Playful Promises lingerie. Starting from £9, catering from bra sizes 32A – 36DD and underwear in a range of sizes, make your Valentines wardrobe sexy at every layer. Save over 50% in this SecretSales exclusive that ends this weekend, plus earn up to 12% cashback with GetPaidTo.

Love Actually gif



Considering it’s claimed that UK blokes are some of the least romantic in the world according to a study by Psychologist Professor Richard Wiseman, perhaps it’s time they upped their game and realised it’s not just expensive gifts that are the way to a girls heart! Try some other romantic gestures such as sending her a romantic text, making her a compilation of her favourite music, run her a bath when she comes home from work or if you’re looking to take your loved one on a romantic break this Valentines, Check out our blog on ‘Whirlwind weekend breaks this Valentines’ for more info!

All offers and promotions were correct at time of posting. Please check the merchant page direct for the latest offers and cashback rates.

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