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Top 5 DIY Disasters to Avoid

Posted in GetPaidTo News | January 02, 2015 by GetPaidTo

Top 5 DIY Disasters to Avoid

Before you pick up the power tools and attempt those DIY jobs, make sure you check out the most common DIY disasters and find out how to avoid them. Whether you fancy yourself as a bit of a handyman or you are a complete beginner, these DIY disasters can catch anyone out, don’t end up with a bigger job than you had to start with!

1. Drilling into a pipe

B & Q CashbackBefore you start drilling or hammering nails into the wall, make sure you know where your pipes and wires are situated. You don’t want to burst a pipe or damage wiring simply by drilling a small hole to hang something on the wall. To prevent this from happening, don’t drill directly above or below sockets and light switches. You shouldn’t drill within 150mm of a socket. You can use a stud finder or metal detector to detect pipes and wires, so if you are unsure its best to use one of these. You don’t want to drill through a pipe and then have to pay to redecorate the whole room – not to mention the plumber’s fees.

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2. Flat-pack furniture collapsing

Archers Sleepcentre CashbackIf you have bought flat pack furniture, you will probably have to assemble it yourself. Check through and follow the instructions carefully to make sure the finished product is stable and put together correctly. It could be potentially unsafe if it is not built accurately. Another handy hint is to always check all the pieces have been supplied before you take all bits and pieces out of the wrapping. It’s so frustrating to start a build and find half way through a vital piece is missing!

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3. Running out of time and money

Money Dashboard CashbackThere are some DIY jobs that might seem as though they are only small but once started can lead to bigger and more expensive tasks. Avoid this by seriously considering what needs doing and how long you have to do it. Give yourself additional time just in case anything else does crop up. Similarly, budget extra money for more than just the one job. That way if there is more to do than you originally thought, you will be prepared. You don’t want to live in a house of half-finished jobs.

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4. Uneven shelving

Building Supplies Online CashbackJust imagine, you have spent time putting up new shelving, but it is not level. Use a spirit level to avoid any accidents caused by things falling off. Don’t just rely on sight to check whether its level or not, this isn’t accurate.

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spirit level

5. Paint Spillages

Homebase CashbackDo you get more paint on yourself and the floor than you do on the walls? You don’t want to ruin your carpet or furniture by clumsy spillages. Make sure you adequately cover any valuable items that you don’t want to ruin with paint. Use sheets to cover any valuables and use tape around the edges so that you only get paint where you want it to go. And remember to wear your old clothing.

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DIY Tips

If you are going to be making some improvements to your home in the near future, try to avoid all of the common mistakes that we have mentioned. If in doubt, call the professionals. Know your limits and what you can realistically do yourself. For everything else, call in workmen. Remember to get planning permission for any jobs that may need it. If you are not sure, you should definitely check. You don’t want to see all of your hard work demolished.

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