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This Year Make Some New Year’s Resolutions That You’ll Keep

Every year we set our-selves New Year’s resolutions that barely make it past January. Do you always resolve to go on a diet, or go to the gym more, or maybe you would like to give up smoking? Don’t make the same promises every year only to be disappointed by February. This year, set yourself some realistic goals that you can actually keep.

1. Spend more time with friends and family


London Pass CashbackIf you are struggling to maintain that work-life balance, maybe it’s time to start spending more quality time with friends and family. Make the effort to set aside time to see your friends more. Or make sure you all sit down as a family for dinner at least once a week with the television off and no distractions at the table. Spend the time talking and enjoying each other’s company without the distraction of technology. Simple changes like these will improve the quality of the time spent with loved ones.

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2. Improve your fitness


Evans Cycles CashbackIf every year you plan to join the gym or to go more often, but just can’t find the time or motivation, why not slot exercise into your daily routine? If you drive to work but live within a reasonable walking distance then leave the car at home, even doing this a couple of times a week will increase your fitness. Go out for family walks at the weekend, this will give you all some exercise with the added bonus of extra family time. Rather than joining the gym, try an exercise class instead. Find something you enjoy and go a couple of times a week. Getting fit doesn’t have to mean hours spent on the treadmill.

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3. Visit somewhere new


National Trust CashbackBroaden your horizons and aim to visit somewhere new in 2015. We’re not talking about an extravagant holiday to the other side of the world, there are plenty of British treasures right on your doorstep. Visiting new and exciting places will allow you to explore new areas, experience new cultures, and enjoy local food and drink.

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4. Eat more healthily


Holland & Barrett CashbackEating healthily doesn’t mean going on a silly fad diet and depriving yourself of the things you enjoy. Introducing new healthy foods into your diet will ensure you get a nutritious and balanced diet. Why not find one new recipe to try each week and before you know it you will have a whole repertoire of healthy meals that you enjoy.

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5. Spend less and save more

It might sound easier said than done, but try and put some money away each month to ease the pressure next Christmas. You could start saving simply by doing your shopping with GetPaidTo. If you earn cashback every time you shop online, you can leave this to build up over the year and then withdraw it at Christmas time. Just imagine how much you could have saved by this time next year.

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Setting a New Year’s resolution is a personal goal so whatever it is that you would like to change in the New Year, make it achievable. Rather than setting yourself the mammoth task of lots of challenging resolutions, only attempt one or two small ones at a time and then once you have conquered them, you can attempt some more.


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