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Hosting The Best New Years Party, EVER!

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This New Years, when Christmas is over with and the New Year is about to begin, it’s always fun to celebrate ringing the year in with friends and family. Whether you’re planning to throw a bash last minute, or have been planning this for months, don’t panic! Get Paid To are here with handy tips to help your party go without a hitch!



DIY Countdown Flutes

Add to the fun of the countdown with this easy DIY trick, simply add stickers to your champagne flutes (found in any local shop). With these crafty glasses doubling as a fun entertainment as well as glass markers for you and your tipsy friends!




White lights and ornaments can be used as a runner for the table and old wrapping paper through a shredder makes for great streamers! Also, any cheeky empty wine bottles laying around? Pop a tapered candle in the top and hey presto, très chic candle holders!




A cheap alternative to fireworks, and great fun for young and old! Just make sure only the most sober take part to avoid some of the hazards! They make for great photos and are easily available at most supermarkets and party shops!



Music to pick

It’s always essential to have a good party playlist, make sure you have a selection of memorable songs from the year, no matter how rubbish! Alongside some party favourites of course, Grease Medley and the Cha Cha Slide anyone?


Easy Theming

Add a theme to your event. Even though it’s last minute, a theme such as everyone wears their favorite or most despised trend of 2014. This will not only be fun and entertaining but easy to manage costume wise as well, even for the most anti-fancy dress party-goers! flatform trainers anyone?




Never feel bad for saying goodnight, if you have stragglers until the early hours of the morning, and it’s obvious the parties over, casually end the evening on a high. But don’t forget to pre-enlist a few friends to stay over if possible, to assist in the cleaning up on New Year’s day!



Above all though, don’t panic! At the end of the day if there’s enough to eat and drink and a place for people to dance, you’re on to a winner. Don’t spend the whole night freaking about what could go wrong or what everyone else is doing. Remember to mingle with your guests and save the cleaning till the morning!


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