Budget gifts for gadget lovers

These days there’s not at least one gadget we can’t live our day to day life without. Whether it’s your smartphone, a piece of wearable tech, smoothie makers or consoles. We just simply cannot live without gadgets! But they can be quite pricey at times, so we’ve put our thinking caps on and bought together an array of budget gifts for the gadget lovers in your life!



For Men:


Perfect for messy eaters:

spagetti fork


Twirling Spaghetti Fork

Menkind Cashback


Everyone knows someone who just can’t quite get to grips with spaghetti, which is where this ingenious invention comes in handy! A motorised fork that automatically winds up the spaghetti, with a detachable dishwasher safe metal prong! No more Lady and the Tramp style pasta incidents! Only £7.99 with 10% off if you spend over £20 at Menkind



For the forgetful:

Whistle Key Finder Keyring

Menkind Cashback


Everyone at some point has lost their keys, whether in a bag/washing machine/dogs bowl. It’s easily done! With this handy gadget those days are over! When you whistle the key finder will beep and flash and never again will you spend your morning searching for your keys. Also comes with combined with an LED light. Only £3.99 at Menkind with up to 8% cashback



For Women:


For the hopeless romantic:

USB boyfriend
Dream Cheeky USB Mr. Perfect Virtual Boyfriend


Rakuten Cashback


USB Mr. Perfect – a boyfriend that does as he’s told. A physical doll that you can interact with in a virtual world. Name, create and design your ultimate boyfriend. With 100 preprogramed sayings and a naughty or nice personality with no batteries required (USB powered) this is a fun and cheeky gift or novelty item for yourself! Only £12.99 with 3.5% cashback at


For the serial drink forgetters:

cup warmer


Rakuten Cashback

Hot Cookie – USB Mug Warmer

If, like me, you’re always forgetting that lovely cuppa a wonderful person made you, this USB mug warmer might be a godsend! Simply plug it into your computers USB port, pop your mug on top and continue with your work. Knowing that your beverage will stay warm however long you forget about it for, keeping it at a toasty 50°C. only £14.99 with 3.5% cashback!



For Teenagers:


Not content with every digital device available, teens also require some useful budget gadgets to get them through their day.


Perfect for festivals or accidental all nighters:



3 in 1 Powerbank, Torch and Hand Warmer


IWOOT Cashback


This multi functioning device is a life saver when the inevitable happens and phone battery dies/you’re out at night/freezing in the winter months. A universal device that can charge an IPhone 5 in approximately 90 minutes! The torch boasts around 50 hours of light and the handwarmer provides up to 5 hours of heat. Also included is a USB port and micro USB port at the bottom for easy recharging. Never able to use the ‘my phone died’ excuse again! Yours for only £17.99 (saving £12, a whopping 40%!) with free delivery and up to 6% cashback and further discounts if you spend more!


For the winter:


Tryble Earmuff Headphones – Cable Knit Black


IWOOT Cashback

In the winter your bog standard fiver earphones just aren’t going to cut it, are they? What you deserve is something more. Something warm. These stylish Tryble Earmuff headphones are the perfect way to enjoy your favourite tunes while baring the winter cold! Only £19.99 with up to 6% cashback at IWOOT plus free standard delivery!

All offers and promotions were correct at time of posting. Please check the merchant page direct for the latest offers and cashback rates.

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