Most Popular Autobiographies This Christmas

From dramatic tales of a turbulent past to the witty memoirs of our favourite comedians, autobiographies from the rich and famous are a popular choice of gift this Christmas. With sports stars, celebrities, comedians and actors all putting pen to paper to reveal more about their life, we have selected the top 10 autobiographies that we predict will be best sellers this Christmas.

1. Lynda Bellingham – There’s Something I’ve Been Dying To Tell You

Tesco CashbackWith the heart-breaking knowledge of her imminent death, Lynda Bellingham tells fans the story of her battle with cancer. A memoir of the time that followed her diagnosis when she was full of hope through to her realisation that her cancer was terminal. Making the brave decision to stop her treatment and choose when to die, Lynda had hoped to be able to see one last Christmas. Rather than just being a book plagued with sorrow, Lynda adds a touch of humour to what must have been a very sad time for her and her family.

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2. Russell Brand – Revolution

Whsmiths CashbackThe latest book from Russell Brand goes against conformity in a way that makes revolution seem not only a possibility, but inevitable. With the help of experts, Brand sees a vision of a fairer and sexier society that is also more fun. With his extreme anarchistic left wing way of thinking, Brand fans won’t be disappointed with his usual eccentric views and extensive use of vocabulary.

Only £10.00 from WHSmiths plus get up to 5% cashback.


3. Ray Winstone – Young Winstone

Blackwell Books CashbackKnown for his hard man roles in the likes of the films Scum and Sexy Beast, Ray Winstone is popular due to his likeable character that couldn’t be any further than the roles he has played. The loveable cockney revisits his youth in this coming of age style story with a tour of the East End.

Buy for £20.00 from Blackwell Books and you will also get up to 10% cashback.


4. Stephen Fry – More Fool Me

Foyles for Books CashbackWriter, comedian and star of stage and screen, Stephen Fry tells of his partying ways back in the 90’s where he would spend all day writing and all night partying. Telling of the highs and lows that he experienced, this book has a very sad and remorseful tone. There are stories in this book that fans will remember from previous books however these stories are used to put things into context.

Buy for £17.50 from Foyles For Books plus get up to 7% cashback.


5. Graham Norton – The Life and Loves of a Devil

The Book Depository CashbackCharacteristically witty, this book features a message that it’s the things you love that make you who you are. For Graham, this is his dogs, Ireland, the men in his life and New York. The perfect Christmas present for those that appreciate sharp and witty humour.

Only £14.99 from The Book Depository plus get up to 5% cashback.


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