Top summer gardening tips.

Now the weather is improving and everyone is bringing their barbeques, trampolines and paddling pools out from the shed, there is no better time to start cutting back the shrubs and injecting your garden with some colour.
We’ve got some of the best gardening tips for July, with some tips that you may just find unbelievable!

1. Recycle your vegetable water

When you next boil or steam vegetables for your dinner, don’t drain the water away in the sink, recycle it. Allow the water to cool down then pour the water onto the plants. They respond well to vegetable water as it helps to fertilize the plants due the natural minerals released into it. You can also use the vegetable water for your inside plants.

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2. Mowing the lawn

Always wondered what to do with the left over grass clippings? If you leave these scattered around the grass or soil they will eventually break down allowing the nutrients to be released back into the soil and grass. If you mow the lawn on a regular basis, especially in hot weather set the mower to a higher level (only slightly) as this can help to prevent the lawn from drying out when the sun is at its hottest. There’s an 8% cashback deal up for grabs at Lawn Mowers UK and they offer repairs, servicing and accessories as well as a vast range of mowers to choose from.


3. Recycle any leftover milk you may have

Leftover milk is an unbelievable fungus and virus fighter, especially on tomato plants and roses. Some plants are prone to catching diseases that can stop flower production or even kill off the plant. By diluting the leftover milk with water you can create a spray to apply over infected leaves to stop further contamination, or add a tablespoon of powdered milk to the soil around the plants to prevent disease from reaching the plant.

4. Garden accessories

Always wanted a key feature for your garden or maybe a few small points of visual interest? Why not add a water feature, a bench, a garden statue or a few plant pots? Such accessories will help to make the garden look more attractive by taking the eye away from neglected areas or breaks in plants. Check out the great products at Gardens and Homes Direct.


5. Homemade weed killer

Need a quick, last minute solution for a good weed killer? Make homemade weed killer with 1 gallon of white vinegar, 1 cup of table salt and 1 table spoon of dishwasher liquid. The vinegar is proven to be the main ingredient to help kill weeds and means you do not need to pay for an expensive weed killer.

6. Don’t forget to water the plants

Everyone knows this, but it is easily forgotten! Flowers should be watered twice a week and any flowers in hanging baskets or pots should be watered every day or twice a day if it’s been really hot.
If the plants are left with minimal water, the plants roots will search for water rather than coming up to surface and will not allow the plants to fully blossom.

If you’re going away, why not investigate an automated watering system? B&Q is a great place to start the search, especially when they’re offering 3.5% cashback.

Watering flowers

7. Save a bit of soil

Want to save a bit of soil and money? If you are potting up flowers, fill the bottom with foam packing peanuts. It’s cheaper and a lighter option rather than filling up the whole pot with soil. Put a thin layer of garden fabric over the foamed peanuts to ensure that the soil does not sink down into the foam.

8. Attract birds into your garden

Plant an ivy in your garden, it’s not just one of the main sources of nectar for bees but it also provides berries for the birds. You may find some birds will build their nests, and butterflies may hibernate in the ivy as it offers good protection from predators.
GetPaidTo has also provided the 5 of the best blooms for July to ensure a striking display just in time for that barbecue you’ve been planning.



Just in time for the barbecue you’ve been planning, GetPaidTo have also provided 5 of the best blooms for July.

1. Roses

Roses are one of the most popular flowers around and bring divine scents. They typically flower between June and October and are best placed in the sun or partial shade. If you have a left over banana that’s too old to eat, plant it near to the rose as they enjoy potassium.

2. Iris

Tall and beautifully coloured, Irises are easy to grow, with not much maintenance needed. They attract butterflies as they bloom in the summer and love full exposure to the sun. Irises last longer if they are planted not too deeply nor crowded by other plants.

3. Helianthus – Sunflower

This bright yellow, eye catching flower is a must have in the garden and helps to attract birds and insects. It’s the tallest growing flower with a thick hairy stem and is one of the easiest flowers to grow from seed. The sunflower needs to be in full sun with moist soil.


4. Delphinium

Give your garden a bit of height with delphiniums. The ‘cottage garden’ favourite that attracts bees and is ideal for either beds or borders. Delphiniums can grow up to 150cm allowing your garden some stature but ensure you plant them in a place where the wind is low to avoid the tall stems breaking in a strong breeze. You can find delphiniums in a range of colours including: yellow, blue, red and white.

5. Verbena Bonariensis

These tall, thin stemmed flowers are beautiful to plant around the garden. The lavender colour will uplift your garden from mid-summer until October. The flowers require very little maintenance as they do not need deadheading but require water on a regular basis as they grow best in moist soil but in full sunlight.

bee Verbena Bonariensis

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