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More benefits and rewards for beta users

We’ve introduced the benefits of using GetPaidTo in a previous post, but do you know about the rewards on offer when you join our site as a beta user?

Not only the aforementioned opportunity to invite friends and family in, thereby earning a nice monthly commission when they complete tasks, but also there’s a whole load of rewards on offer for providing us with your thoughts, experiences and general feedback about the site as it right now.

Register for Bonus Points

Firstly we’ve got a huge bonus of 400 points which will be added free to Your Account when you register with us in beta phase, start using the site and giving us your thoughts on it all. This is on top of the normal 20 points awarded on registration with GetPaidTo!

Two free draws to win an iPod!

One will be drawn from those users who post their ideas in our Top Tips forum thread – Win an iPod

And a second iPod will be drawn for users who complete the survey at the end of the beta phase of the site. – Win another iPod

More rewards with our 50,000 Points Giveaway!

Then we’ve got a massive points giveaway for all users who post feedback about things they find on our site, be those good or bad experiences, links, bugs and so on. We’ve got 50,000, yes FIFTY THOUSAND points to be given away in four top prizes.That’s huge!- Points for Feedback!

And of course you can earn points in other ways by completing your profile details for 20 points and liking/following our faceback, twitter and google+ social pages for 5 points each.

All offers and promotions were correct at time of posting. Please check the merchant page direct for the latest offers and cashback rates.

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