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Ready for a new breed of rewards site?

Get cashback. Earn points. Shop for free! has just entered its beta mode so we’re ready to start inviting new members, like you, to join us and experience a new type of rewards site.

And we’d love to share a secret or two about GetPaidTo. It’s a site with a difference. A huge difference because it’s so much more than just a cashback site. You can Earn and Save money every day – and even shop completely free by combining both of these elements. Really? Heck yes! Let’s explain some more…

Earn Points

You can earn points when you complete tasks on the site, these range from simply watching a video, to more involved tasks like signing up for a product trial or completing a survey. You can spend as much or as little time doing tasks as you like, and your earnings will only be limited by your time and the complexity of the tasks you choose to complete.

As you build up a points balance in Your Account on the site, you’ll have the option to either cash them out for real money (to you bank or PayPal account, or for gift cards) or use them against an online purchase you wish to make.

Cashback Shopping and Discount Vouchers

When you’re shopping with a retailer on GetPaidTo (we’ve currently got over a 1000 well known retailers on offer and it’s growing daily) you’ll have a choice of the latest discount vouchers/coupons and the cashback deal for that retailer which is usually in the form of a % paid back to you after the purchase has been completed.

Cashback Boosts

If you choose to use your GPT Points towards your shopping you’ll be taking what we like to call a ‘Cashback Boost’ – which is precisely what it is! Simply trade in your points for extra cashback on your shopping. You can exchange some or all of your points, it’s up to you! And you can use points up to 100% of the purchase price back = 100% cashback = yes that means your purchase becomes totally free!

So why settle for 7% of the purchase price in cashback when you could get 100% back?

Enjoy a Monthly Income too

As an early user of our site in beta stage, there’s another benefit from being one of the first ‘in the know’ as you can invite your friends to join too – which will earn you even more money every month. Find out more on our referrals page.

All offers and promotions were correct at time of posting. Please check the merchant page direct for the latest offers and cashback rates.

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