Top 10 Supplements to get the most from your workout.

Looking to get more from your workout, but find you’re exhausted quite easily? Look no further, GetPaidTo have pulled together the Top 10 supplements to help you max your workout.
Each supplement provides an Amino Acid as a main ingredient to help release energy and help restore any muscle break down.
All the supplements we have listed are under £40 and you can receive cashback up to 12.5% on each purchase.

1. Korean Ginseng 1200mg from Nature’s Best Sport for only £12.20 plus 10% cashback

Need more energy and focus during a workout but don’t like caffeine? This tablet is best suited for you, containing a guaranteed 24mg ginsenosides per tablet which is carefully extracted from the root of the plant. This helps you focus and give you the energy you need to get the most out of your exercise, so no wonder this is one of the world’s top selling herb.

2. CGT-10 specially manufactured by Optimum Nutrition for £29.99 with 10% cashback

Optimum Nutrition manufactures this easy mixing powder, consisting of the three most advanced and efficient formulas Creatine, Glutamine and Taurine helping to make this supplement best for pre or post workout sessions.


3. BCAA Complex 1000mg from The Protein Works at £10.99. Save up to 12.5% with cashback.

Do you an train intensely but still feel like you want to get more from the workout? BCAA Complex Pre Workout helps to reduce muscle breakdown and release energy more efficiently. The tablet has been produced with a chain of Amino Acids including Leucine, L-Isoleucine and L-Valine. The BCAA Complex has been proven to also help repair and restore your muscles after a workout aiding you in a speedier recovery.

4. BSN Nitrix for £34.99 at Active Sports Nutrition with 10% cashback

Want to see results faster? With BSN Nitrix you can see the results rapidly as the tablets consists of a large amount of nitric oxide. This formula helps to encourage blood vessel-dilation and volumizes the muscles by sustaining blood flow to help enhance their performance to gain strength and size fast. It is proven that BSN Nitrix can also enhance your workout performance and stamina for maximum results.



5. Grenade 50 Calibre Preloaded was £63.59, now £36.90 from Body Shapers Fitness with 5% cashback!

Need some energy fast and haven’t got time to make up a shake? These on the go supplements provide high levels of energy and a muscle defence system. The award winning sports nutritionist brand ensures the best ingredients are used in their supplements, allowing you to reach your goals more efficiently. Grenade 50 Calibre Preloaded provides citruline malate and a range of amino acids that are proven effective ingredients to help the blood pump to the muscles.
Grenade 50 Calibre does not contain DMAA from Geranium, as when mixed with caffeine it can narrow the blood vessels, which can lead to poor performance and can result in increased blood pressure.

6. Creapure Creatine Monohydrate 250mg from Fitness Superstore - £9.99 with up to 5% cashback.

Reflex Nutrition has created this supplement to help increase strength and stamina by up to 15%. The product is made from Creatine which is a naturally occurring acid that helps to supply energy to the cells in the body. Creapure Creatine is one of the most researched supplements to assure that the best ingredients are being used to help maximise your workout performance if taken before hitting the gym.


7. Maximuscle Cyclone 1.2kg for £32.99 with 8% cashback at the Health Bay.

One of Health Bays best selling supplements, the Maximuscle Cyclone is a convenient shake to have before an extreme workout. It’s the only product to contain Biomax whey, glutamine, suma extract, Creatine and glutamine absorption to help obtain results fast, helping you to build and restore muscle as well as releasing energy efficiently. Maximuscle Cyclone is available in a range of flavours including, Banana, Chocolate, Chocolate Mint, Strawberry, Vanilla, and Orange.

8. Boots brings you the Clif Builders Protein Bar from £2.35.

Ever thought about trying a protein bar to help with your workout? These handy to grab and go bars contain 20g of protein, as well as vitamins and minerals to help you to maintain and gain strength, energy and to sustain good health. Clif Builders Protein bars do not add any artificial sweeteners, hydrogenated oils nor sugar alcohols such as maltitol, xylitol, and sorbitol into the bars.


9. Precision High Strength LCarnitine Bottle 1500mg for only £20.99 at Holland & Barrett. Get 10% cashback when you buy online.

Want the ultimate workout? This LCarnitine drink helps you to boost your energy, enabling you to have a workout that delivers. The drink contains the natural form of LCarnitine which is made up in the Liver and Kidneys and stored in the heart, brain and muscles to help build and improve bulk.

10. Re:Active Re:Act pre-workout shake from DesirableBody for only £24.95

Looking for a shake that is low in fat but has lots of goodness in? Re: Active Re: Act pre-workout shake isn’t only tasteful but it also helps to revitalize your body ready for your session. The shake is filled with super boosters, raspberry ketone and acai berry, to make you feel fuller for longer and also helps to slowly burn your energy. The pre-workout shake also helps rebuild your muscle after a workout and contains green tea to speed up your metabolism.




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